Mai Phuong Thuy Model

She’s so cute & sexy :D, isn’t she ?










































  1. Kitty Said:

    Dear friend:

    You can contact me via my email address. However, for privacy reason please do not publish it. Also, below is my edited revised message. Please delete my previous posting. Thanks and best regards:

    It seems to me that height is the only factor that helped Mai Phuong Thuy became Miss Vietnam 2006. Very sad indeed!!

    Her beauty would especially due to not perfect teeth is probably not to the level of Miss World judge’s standard. In addition, this morning after reading an article on Another negative.

    Miss Vietnam was talking openly about eating dog meat. I could not help but wonder if the foreign press or PETA (Animal Right Group) may think about Vietnam as a country?? Large groups of the world do not consider eating dog meat anything to be proud of.

    Intelligent, grace and mentally maturity should be the criteria representing to the world in such an occasion. We have enough stereotypes of beauty pageants as air heads with nothing between the ears.

  2. huythanh Said:

    Yep, that’s sure that I will not publish your email address 😉 . You mentioned that Miss VN told openly about Dog Miss ?? @_@ . I didn’t watch the Oral Section so I am not sure it is the truth ( I think you had just heard a gossip 😀 ).
    You are right about the teeth, she probably do not take care of them enough. Therefore, your prediction about Miss World may be true :).
    However, I can’t discuss more about this as I didn’t watch the competition :D, I just collect her pics :).
    Thanks 4 sharing your opinions 😉

  3. Kitty Said:

    Enclosed is the quote from ngoi and the link:

    Cô cũng vui vẻ hứa với các nhà báo: “Nếu em được Hoa hậu, em sẽ khao mọi người một bữa thịt chó. Nhất định đấy!”. (quote and unquote)

    Bye now and take care.

  4. white-lily Said:


    I don’t think it’s bad Mai Phuong Thuy talked about eating dog meat openly, because she talked to the VIETNAMESE Press, and dog meat is a delicacy for Vietnamese, isn’t it? It’s normal to talk about dog meat, as you’re a Vietnamese talking to Vietnamese.

    And moreover, she didn’t say that eating dog meat is something to be proud of. She didn’t say anything like ” I like dog meat so much, it’s so delicious, a really delicious food. I’m so proud I can eat dog meat”.

    However, she didn’t really talk about that topic, ” eating dog meat”, she said she would treat everybody to dog meat if she became Miss Vietnam. She just mention it because it’s a delicacy to Vietnamese people, just like snails and frogs are delicacies to French people.

    If it had been rude to talk about that topic, the Vietnamese press would have criticize that. But they didn’t. Reading that article, I can see they consider her a cheerful and friendly girl. She really is. Talking to the press like that, she must be a really friendly and outgoing person. But you just can understand that if you know the Vietnamese people, and their culture.

  5. VietkieuMy Said:

    I have not read much about Mai Phuong Thuy, but I have to agree with Kitty that “Intelligent, grace and metally maturity should be the criteria representing to the world..” not just the “friendly and outgoing”. Mai Phuong Thuy is sure very tall and cute so are a lot of other tall and cute girls out there. She needs to prove to the judges a lot more than just being tall and cute to be able to get into the final round. I was surpised that before she went on to Miss World competition, she could not get her teeth whiten or at least have some veneer done . However, she still has an innocent smile.

  6. Kitty Said:

    White-lily mentioned that it is normal to talk about eating dog meat between Vietnamese. Oh well, none of the Vietnamese I know talk about it. Eating or food is part of the culture, therefore I do not want to criticize any one. However, my foreigner friends who came to Hanoi where in for a culture shock seeing roasted dogs hanging everywhere. How do you expect them to think of Vietnamese as less than barbaric?

    Yes, the French eat snails and frogs. But snails and frogs are NOT “pet or in the Western World Man’s Best Friend. Even China is beginning to feel the pressure from eating dog meat .

    Click here for info:

    I am not particularly impressed with Miss Vietnam’s personal motto posted at the Miss Word web site “Let smiling solve every problem in life”

    What’s the moral in this motto? Smooth sailing through life and gets away with looks and smiling, is life that easy?

    Nguyễn văn Vĩnh, (1882 – 1936) one of Vietnam’s best known translators, journalists and essayists on Western modernity, literature and its adaptations to Vietnamese society. The man whose talent and tireless effort had made “Quốc ngữ” really becomes our written language. Once wrote;
    “An Nam ta có cái thói quen gì cũng cười, hay cũng cười, dở cũng cười, cứ nhe răng hì một cái là không còn gì nghiêm trang nữa.”
    Nguyễn văn Vĩnh, Đông Dương Tạp Chí số 22

    After all MPT is just a 18 year old girl never travel overseas before her trip to Warsaw for Miss World competition. The Vietnamese press and the people who organize the beauty pageant (Ban Tổ Chức) are partial to blame for not giving her the guidance she needs to stand “tall in world arena”.

    As Vietnamese, we should be proud of our four thousand years history, thus, make every effort to reserve the best of our culture and habits but also have to learn to let go of bad ones, one’s that are not really relevant in our global society.

  7. phuong Said:

    I think you are crazy and must have much free time to care about another person. Any way, I hope you are not Vietnamese, because Iam a Vietnamese, and i am perfectly ok with Miss Viet Nam and about any things she talked, dog or something…I think if you really care about Vietnamese, you should learn more Vietnamese culture. And pls, keep your time to do something more meaningful. Lastly, I think, you are just a woman, aren’t you!!!!!!!!!!

  8. TN Said:

    Phuong, it’s not cool to attack Kitty for being a woman. WTH is that? “just a woman”???

    I think MPT is very pretty/cute and is glad she is representing VN. I read some of the answers she gave to journalist and is impressed by her poise. Even then, she is still only 18, shouldn’t she be allowed to have her cute/optimism about smiling? Maybe we shouldn’t be so critical but instead supportive that Viet Nam has come a long way, and we are able to have representation at an international event, even if it’s a pageant.

  9. CaoVinh Phuc Said:

    At first sight, Mai Phuong Thuy looks really hot !!!
    Hope she didn’t have any surgery for that …
    Hope she wins the Miss World 2006 for Vietnam !!!
    (I know because I made a fast Visual comparison of her with the others on lol)

  10. Kitty Said:

    This will be my last posting. I rest my case with the following:

    What everyone is missing is not a question of what our culture is now or of the past. I believe historians state that “Eating dog meat was started with the first Chinese Kingdom, Shang Dynasty” so us Vietnamese cannot take full credit for it culturally.

    My question is how does such a cultural icon it fit in our Modern day global society of 6.5 billion people. To put it into perspective our Population is about 83.5 million people. The Americas (North & South) a very non-dog eating area of many diverse cultures and religions is 885 million. Thus, we are less than 10% of the Americas. Europe has 375 million.

    It can be argued that the behemoth China, the starter of the tradition at 1.3 billion people still serves dog, which I believe, is actually considered a winter food there. Nevertheless, Hong Kong had in the past a ban on serving dog meat. The other behemoth India at 1 billion people would definitely look down on us for eating dog and beef among other things.

    So be proud of being Vietnamese!! but I just wanted everyone to know there is larger world out there and some of customs we may take for granted are highly frowned upon in the world arena. I assume those who strongly differ from my opinion also think eating monkey brains is a good thing?

    Phuong, do you think that man’s opinion would make a different than women’s?

    Yes, I am “just a woman” working for Global Company; I have to travel overseas for business trip very often. I am proud of being Vietnamese and consider myself well read about our literature. I credit all of that to my mother who taught us very young to appreciate our culture.

    No, I am not “crazy” but every single day I am frustrated with many roadblocks that prevent Vietnam to getting to higher global level not just a cultural ‘hold-out’ eating dog meat. But instead a Country whose four thousand year history comes out after a war as a model of smart global development. As it is common knowledge China’s road to prosperity has also come some of the worst polluted areas in the world and hardship to those living in it. It may someday been seen as too high of price to pay.

    And sadly Phuong, you maybe typical with the attitude of not realizing there is a world out there. In your pride of wanting the world to get to know your culture, hastily forgetting what the rest of this wonderful world could think. Global is the two ways street my friend and sometimes very mean to even our best of intentions. And now it is so easy to travel with the Internet to “see the other side of the mountain’.

    In 1988 the Korean Olympics created a very negative image to the world just because Korean people eat dog meat. Since then they have to call for ban “Animal Freedom Korean”

    Of course I am proud of Miss Vietnam and hope that she would be a role model to Vietnamese youth and youth of the world. MPT once said that she wants to be like Angelina Jolie. It was reading that article made me both excited and wanting to know more about our 18 years old beauty. She would be in very good position (with HUGE fans) to do a lot of positive things for our society and its perception in the global community. However, eating dog meat is NOT one of them.

    If you love Vietnam as I am, please think ‘out side of the box’ and as my previous posting “make every effort to reserve the best of our culture and habits… but also have to learn to let go of bad ones or one’s that are not really relevant in our global society”.

  11. mandyphan Said:

    For me, it’s seem like height is the only factor that help her to be crowned Miss Vietnam 2006. Nothing beside that. I watched her interview part in the competition, she was even nervous & stutter when answering the question. As somebody above said “intelligent is something that we have to bring to an international competition ! friendly & tall are not the key factors!

  12. misapero Said:

    I’m an American I’m female I’m pet dog owner (cats too and dare i say it, fish!)

    MPT is adorable probably not Beauty Personafied though. In her defense and as a world traveler in this global community… the concern for the animal that is dog is ludicrous. Did I miss the memo that now dogs are deified?

    They aren’t any more or less special than the oso humble chicken, cow, pig etc. Your hangups are illogical – let the vegetarians be self righteous I suppose! 🙂

    Furthermore it is not her job to increase Vietnam’s image. Last time I checked there are limits to what a pretty face can do! Several of you speak of intelligence as if you know what it is. If you have given more power to another culture by allowing them to make you ashamed of something as simple as eating a different animal then they do… shame on you… this is nonsense and of course the “just a woman” subject isn’t even worth discussing.

  13. MHD Said:

    After all, she’s an ordinary person. She’s still 18 and just starts her 1st year at uni. Isn’t that too mean when criticizing every part of her appearance and talks to the public? I personally think she is great to represent Vietnam in the Miss World Contest – at least a big improvement compared to previous year.

    And please do not take offence of Dog Meat. If you live in Hanoi, you know almost everyone likes dog meat, from young to old people. If you feel disgusting of people eating dog meat, it’s just like me feeling disgusting when thinking about French people eating snail and frog. That’s Yuck!!!

    And I am a woman, I am a Vietnamese, and I’m totally ok with MPT as a Miss Vietnam. She’s cute and adorable. Off course, no one is perfect, she’s still young and sometimes still shows her childish in what she talks to the public. But what’s the problem with that?

  14. white-lily Said:

    In that case, I don’t care wether other people dislike dog meat or not, because, like I said, Mai Phuong Thuy talked to the Vietnamese Press. so it doesn’t matter at all.

    @Kitty, the Vietnamese you know may not talk about that topic openly, but the Vietnamese I know, especially those who live in VN, talk about that topic openly.
    They consider dog meat as, like I said, a delicacy. Of course, dog meat is not something that the Vietnamese eat all day. However, it’s something normal if a friend goes to you and invites you to a “dog-meat-party”.

    I know how Western people think about eating dog meat, because I live it Germany.
    And I always try to avoid talking about that topic- dog meat, when I talk to German people, because I know they can’t accept the fact we eat dogs. Many Germans think about Asians as barbarian-like people, as dogs and cats killers. Many Germans dislike foreigners. and they often look down on them. It’s really hard to be a foreigner there, and to have another culture, so I know that very well, though I’m just 14.

    But come to think of it: Some/Many Germans think about Asians as dog-killers, but those who eat dog meat won’t think about killing dogs as something bad. others think about the German people as a racist people, as Nazis, but do Germans think of themselves as Nazis? Some Vietnamese people can’t understand why German people love dogs sooo much, a few people even love their dog more than their own children or parents. Some Western people think about Muslims as terrorists, and maybe the Muslims can’t understand why we can eat pork( I’m not sure, Muslims don’t eat pork, do they?)? Some Japanese find it cool to place their food in such a way so that it look like a woman body, so they eat the food as if they were eating a woman ( I read it in a newspaper). And Germans make fun of the French people because they eat snails, and frogs,and so on.
    bla, actually, every country has its “negative side”, right? Although we could accept all that things, we won’t. Maybe we feel disgusting when hearing about “eating food that has the form of a woman body”, can’t accept racist people, etc.

    So it’s just like that with Vietnamese people eating dog meat. Others may not accept it, but it’s really O.K. to talk about it between Vietnamese.

    In my opinion, Mai Phuong Thuy is very neat girl. I respect her, because she is beautiful, she’s talented, and she’s smart, she received 3 scholarships. I don’t think she’s Miss Vietnam 06 just because of height, because she was also popular and chosen by the audiences.

  15. Kitty Said:

    Hahaha…wandering in here and smell dog meat…again!! YUCK !!

    Ok… let’s me guess… misapero is a free land writer and moon lighting as English teacher in Hanoi?? How noble that you came to the rescue your students :-))

    As the Jane Fonda of dog meat, have you ever hear the sound of a dog howling all night while being beaten to death for the sake of tenderness? And wish they’d slit its throat first and then beat it when it’d dead. If not I pity your soul.

    I could not care less about whatever people eat. The clearest complaint: the needlessly cruel methods—beating, strangling, burning or hanging—by which many dogs are killed. These methods have to be stopped. Especially to an animal that recent research has shown is the most intuitive to human personality besides humans.

    At least cows, and pigs put to death with electrocution, which is far more humane.

    Some Asian countries used to eat dog meat in times of famine when beef and pork were relatively scarce food source because stock farming was not widely done.

    People eat dog meat because believe to improve strength, virility and raise the libido. Dog meat is increasingly popular among women because the traditional delicacy is believed to be good for the skin.

    According to the International Fund for Animal Welfare:

    “There is no scientific evidence that dog meat has restorative or curative powers; these health claims are folklore not fact. Dog eating grew in popularity because dog dealers and restaurants began to fabricate health benefits derived from eating dog meat. In reality, the trade in dog meat has more to do with greed and profits rather than any sort of tradition.”


    White-Lily, all I know about Miss Vietnam is what I read . But my two cents: when a person chose to be in public eyes by representing a country to the world then she loses all immunity . It is the price to pay for fame!! One cannot use her age and shield her from the public especially about some disgusting habit as eating the ‘ poor doggie ‘ .

    Scientifically, convention wisdom would say eating ‘poor doggie’ is an inefficient source of protein. Higher up the food chain such as near carnivores has never considered a good thing. Luckily for all of the orient there is such a thing called soybeans or there would be more starvation. I also think aloe and coconut can be proven better for the skin.

    Come on, not as you guy s are poor, dog meats is very expensive in Hanoi.
    To my knowledge, the Vietnamese that are living in Central and South part of the Vietnam do not think very highly of people who chow on dog meat.

  16. thanh Said:

    It is only by ur knowledge?Do not convict anyone if you don’t see by ur eyes

  17. Le Said:

    omg she just died!!!!

    R.I.P. MPT!!!!!

  18. Kitty Said:

    Thanh, do me a favor: look up if you don’t know the meaning of the phrase “to my knowledge”.
    Your message does not make any sense. I was trying to be diplomatic in my response. No hard feelings 🙂

  19. Binladin Said:

    What???? you people eat pork???? is not good to eat pork bad. bab. people!!!!!
    We Muslim hate people eat pig.

  20. Indinini Said:

    You people eat beef??? bad, bad, no good.

  21. Yakamoto Said:

    Yeah!! eat beef, pork is bad. We Japanese eat whale, whale is good.
    What? Le mother just die????

  22. GAICHI Said:

    “Of course I am proud of Miss Vietnam and hope that she would be a role model to Vietnamese youth and youth of the world”. I totally agree with Kitty.

    Congratulations to Miss Vietnam 2006 Mai Phuong Thuy!

    However I’m not interested talking about THE BEAUTY just THE BEAST!

    We should know DOGS are very intelligent. An animal which is very close to us Human Beings. Helping us in many ways. From guilding the blinds to walk…to searching for missing people in accidents and natural disasters, etc…

    They are our best friends.

    Must we have no hearts to consume our dear friends. Shouldn’t we keep it low-key…not broadcast to the world…to shame the innocent non-dog-eating Vietnamese “quiet majority”?

  23. Q-memba Said:

    Dude, she just says it without meaning anything. Its like people saying If I win, I’ll treat u guys with wine or a dinner or something like that. Plus, wat’s wrong with eating dog. No offence but why do Western people have such a hard feeling about it ? We have different culture and tradition and I, a Vietnamese, respect your tradition, and I require you guys to respect ours as well. I mean come on you guys, different religion have different tradition thats all. Like Hindu people dont eat cow or Jewish people dont eat pork and you guys dont have dogs. And unlike what you are thinking, we also love dog, they’re smart, loyalty and very cute. And no, we dont eat dog as a normal meal every single day. In fact, I dont even like it, I love dog. ANd not a lot of people in VN like it either, only middle-aged people have it for special events like a birthday party or some sorts.

    Last thing I wana say, please you guys, just try to understand what Thuy was meaning by saying that. She means nothing about all the dog meal and stuff at all. And please, put yourself in our shoes for once, just try to understand about our culture. Thats all !! Thank you for reading guys, I really appriciate it 🙂 !!!

  24. Son_of_Viet Said:

    The people in Vietnam has voted for MPT as Miss Vietnam and now she is representing Vietnam to a global contest. And to Kitty, before, you’d said that you loved Vietnam and you are Vietnamese. So I just have a question to ask you: do you really think that you can show your love to Vietnam by trying to humiliate a person who is a representative of Vietnam?

    You are trying to make Vietnam look better in other country’s eyes. But guess wat, you’re manipulating our own country. Why, because you, a Vietnamese, are now attacking another Vietnamese, and that aint look pretty in people’s eyes. Trust me, I would feel the same too when I saw some other people from a same country having a fight in a FOREIGN website. So for once, if you consider yourself Vietnamese, please drop all this BS and leave MPT in peace. She’s trying her best to make Vietnam look better in other people’s mind and being talked down like this is the last thing she would want to hear. Thank you!!!

  25. GAICHI Said:

    Sorry you guys…This supposes a friendly discussion. Last two people attacked Kitty unfairly and rather rudely.

    I believe Kitty only wants to help Vietnamese people improve its image in the world. She has done it very clearly and intelligently.

    Beside, you guys sound very racist! And believe me that wouldn’t get you go any further in this wide wide world!

  26. Quang Nguyen Said:

    Hahaha this is an album of MPT guys, not the place to talk about eating dog and stuffs. Change the topic please lol

  27. Kitty Said:

    Son- of- Viet:
    For your information, this is not a FOREIGN web site. This web site is from people of Hanoi, the capital of dog meat lovers of Vietnam. Any time I read these messages boasting the virtues of dog eating give me a ‘chill’. Eating dog meat is very casual in Hanoi for the sake of “tradition” (obviously not mine).

    I thought that a ‘Cat’ (Kitty) was desperately trying to save some dogs from some pretty inhumane handling in Vietnam. Vietnam could be like the Philippines; dog and monkey no longer exist.

    I don’t need to discuss those phony messages and pretend to be Muslim people who don’t eat pork. There are two large populations of dogs eating in the world: China and Korean. Both of them are already got some sort of ban on this practice. My hope is Vietnam next!!

    So Son- of- Viet, you have to look no further than just past your nose in order to lift Vietnam to the next level of global citizenship.

  28. Whatever Said:

    I am American Vietnamese, which means I grew up in the United States. I was kinda shock when I read about this whole dog meat thing. However I think that we have to respect and accept cultural differences, which is part of maturity and growing up. Phuong Thuy grew up in the North of Vietnam, and it is NORMAL for Northern Vietnamese to eat dog meat. You all do NOT have to eat dog meat but you should learn to be open minded and accept differences from other cultures.

    Alot of famous vietnamese singers nowadays do not have nice and perfect teeth like Vietnamese people in North America or other North Americans.. It is not that Americans were born with perfect teeth, but most of us got braces to straighten our teeth. It costs us about 5000-6000 dollars to get braces . I do not belieeve that everybody in Vietnam can afford braces, correct ?

    Look at yourself in the mirror first…before criticizing others or make ugly comments. Remember positive feedback can help to improve the whole process but negative criticism ( orginated from jealousy) can set up FAILURE.

  29. Jonny Le Said:

    Ppl, plz, i can’t stop myself from writing this message; I saw all most all of you were talking about dog meat. What the hell is so important about that?????Its just because you love your dogs so much that you become allergy to dog meat????i say holy crap, come on its just meat, and human eats meat.. and MPT, she’s just a human being, she might got some mistake talking to press, lets forgive her and cheer her up if you are vietnamese. PLz stop criticizing her manner ok. PEACE

  30. Kitty Said:

    I feel obligated to respond to two accusations I have seen made of me.

    1. ‘Understanding Culture’ and 2. Jealous

    ** First. Which now leads me to CULTURE (a noun). I provide three definitions because I feel the first two are good attributes and noble, BUT THE ‘3’ IS NOT NECESSARILY GOOD IF THE FORM OF CULTURE HAVE FLAWS.

    1. The quality in a person or society that arises from a concern for what is regarded as excellent in arts, letters, manners, scholarly pursuits, etc.
    2. That which is excellent in the arts, manners, etc
    3. A particular form or stage of civilization, as that of a certain nation or period


    I will simply bring up just one cultural institution that occur in this world:

    – Female circumcision or its opponents describe as female genital mutilation (FGM).

    Granted dog eating does not have the same affect on individual humans as the above it will have significant influence of what outsiders will view ‘…particular form or stage of civilization….” Vietnam is in.

    ** ‘Backlash to culture’:

    As global corporation, my company made the decision to expand into Vietnam for it’s Southeast Asia headquarters. After touring Hanoi, the CEO made the decision to locate near HCM City instead of Hanoi. Because it was necessary for some oversea staff to relocate to Vietnam to start up the operation, HCM City was selected because ‘we’ did not want our family/children exposed to roasted dogs hanging in shop windows or seen on the back of bicycles. I just wonder how many other global corporations have made the same decision? Unfortunately these companies are not going to make these types of decisions public. Nevertheless, this kind of backlash will hurt Hanoi and its region in terms of economic growth and quality job opportunities.

    ** Second: Jealous. The following is a standard definition of the word in adjective form. feeling resentment against someone

    The proper word is ‘embarrassed’ on how I feel. Which is why I felt compelled to raise the question of dog eating. My feelings are based on the definition of ‘embarrassed’ as a transitive verb.

    Everyone missed I do not want Miss Vietnam (or any Vietnamese) in whatever venue to be ridiculed on the world arena. It is not just a matter of culture; it is a matter of being sensitive to others also!

    In terms of someone teeth, again this is a very sensitive matter. Beauty like culture is in the eyes of beholder. We as Vietnamese never frowned on crooked teeth “răng khểnh” consider it very charming. However, her sponsors appeared very aware global beauty standards maybe different. Therefore, in 3 days she had her teeth whiten and straightened. She looked ‘beautiful’ now both to Vietnamese and global standards before leaving for Poland. I am very impressed with our Vietnamese dentists accomplished.

    This proves that Vietnam can understand the importance to compromise its culture in terms of beauty to go for a ‘win’. This action reinforces what has been my reoccurring theme to all Vietnamese… ‘take an honest look into our culture’… For another type of global ‘win’… that spirit is also in our Culture.


  31. Meh Said:

    Hahahaha everytime I looked at the comments it makes me laugh. I just couldnt believe you guys are having a fight about how to make Vietnam look better by not eating dogs and I couldnt believe that just a FEW words that didnt mean anything from MPT has made u guys upset about each others. Can we just leave in peace together ???

    And Kitty, please dont say that MPT became Miss Vietnam because of her height, sure that makes she look better but thats not all of the factor that make her become Miss Vietnam. She is in fact a very beautiful lady, both inside and outside. She’s lovely, charming and very very smart, thats why she received a scholarship from RMIT university and also got a place from the University of Foreign Trade. And please dont think Im trying to attack you :D. Thanks

  32. Son_of_Viet Said:

    OMG man since when speaking up my mind has become racist, I didnt attack anyone from diffirent races. I, in fact, hate racist man because Im a victim of it when I go overseas. But dont talk about racist now, we have enough conflict on this website already

  33. huythanh Said:

    Be calm everybody @_@. I can’t believe in myself that this is my blog >.

  34. white-lily Said:

    Q-memba is right.
    I also meant it in my postings before.
    It’s just like ” if I win, i’ll treat u people with wine or dinner or something like that”, as Q memba said.
    *clap, clap*
    And because dog meat is a delicacy in VN, Mai Phuong Thuy mention dog meat. Easy to understand, actually.

    I have no time, so I just write that.

  35. white-lily Said:

    Ah, and I also wanna say that Son-of-Viet’s and Q memba’s arguments/postings are NOT RACIST.
    I know the meaning of the word ” racist”, I think.
    If saying something as ” please understand our culture ” or ” that#s our culture” and such is racist, I would say EVERY ONE IN THIS WORLD is a racist. But I don#t think it’s that way.

    rang khenh might be charming for Vietnamese if it’s one crooked tooth, maximum 2.
    Not more. Vietnamese even make fun of people who have many “rang khenh”.Well, I think they wouldn’t call such teeth as “rang khenh” anymore, but maybe “rang vo”
    I don’t know a Vietnamese who says ” Oh, MPT’s teeth are so charming”.
    Even my grandma, who’s very old, didn’t like her teeth.
    Well, it’s really nice she got her teeh straightened.
    But it wouldn’t be tooooooo bad if she didn’t.

  36. Whatever Said:

    I don’t know how you were taught in business school , but we are thought to ACCEPT cultural differences and diversity. in college and in our life. I am a healthcare professional, and I see patients in the intensive care units every day. One of our goal is to keep their blood sugar under control ( 80-110), because this has been proven to decrease the risk of mortality and morbidity. There was this one Korean patient coming in with sepsis, and his blood glucose went skyrock. with poor prognosis. His family just kept giving him some kind of juice with alot of sugar in it, and finally we found out that it was lhome made emonade. The patient’s family believed that by drinking this juice, it’ll help to cure his illness. We tried to explain it to them, but they didn’t believe us. However to respect his culture, we let them give him lemonade and have to work really hard to keep his BG under control. I don’t know how diverse the pple that you have to deal with is, but you do NOT have to odd things that others are doing like eating dog meat….but it is part of their culture….u should learn to accept that difference. I don’t know if it makes any sense or not. I believe it is part of every work place’s annual competency in NOrth America.

    I consider myself lucky to grow up in the US. I know that the pple in VN are still very poor, and I can tell by looking at some of Phuong Thuy’s pictures. If putting FOOD on the table is a priority, you should ask to see how many can afford to have braces seriously ? I don’t know where you are residing right now…but you should feel sorry and LOVE the Vnmese pple and appreciate what we have over here …iinstead of sitting there to insult them for having crooked teeth…You should ask yourself what you can do to HELP them…

  37. WhoCares Said:


    Just a friendly reminder: you are the one who brought up the subject of crooked teeth and Kitty replied something like “that’s a very sensitive subject and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” She did discuss culture (and very carefully) of the way people look at beauty differently around the world. You just jumped right in and twisted everything around, didn’t you?

    Let me introduce myself: I am not Vietnamese a bona fide Westerner. I work with Kitty (not her real name but her cat’s), she is one the most passionate person in our Corporation. She the only one I know would care enough to waste her free time communicate with dog eaters in Hanoi and its supporters who obviously cannot see past their nose (maybe mouth is more appropriate). This because she is proud of the her heritage believes in the goodness in her people wherever they are.

    FYI, I know her extended family including her Mother have sponsored many Vietnamese students.

    Finally let me ask you a question: You said that you are a heath care worker in North America.. If your Korean patients got fed dog meat in the name of their culture you look the other way too?

    I got news for you, you will be rotting in jail. Dog eating is illegal in America and you would be an accomplice. Period!

    We don’t want to waste any more time with you people!

  38. Minh Anh Said:

    I can not eat dog meat. My mother do not allow. In my opinion, eating dog is a savage action. I love my dog. He loves me, protect me from strangers. I am afraid of ghost at night. But if I go out with my dog I always feel safety.

  39. di thao Said:

    i like she, because she is very beautyfull and loveable.

  40. Le Minh Said:

    Actually, it is very stupid to talk about Dog meat here, i am vietnamese living in hanoi however i don’t eat dog meat but i think it is very normal manner,
    We sould do our needs now : VOTE FOR PHUONG THUY intead of discussing about dog meat

  41. Quynh` La^m Said:

    ss Thuy’ qua’ xinh ………..iu ss i’ cuc
    hoi` hoc PTTH nhin` ngo^’ qua’

  42. T-2 Said:

    MPT is so cute and lovely !!!

    Does everyone here know any news about MPT ?

    I heard that she might be going to Australia for study in RMIT ? Is that true ?

    Congratulation fot MPT for being in top 20 with one of the best dress in the world. Thank you

  43. Whatever Said:

    Of course eating dog meat is ILLEGAL in the US but it is obviously not in Vietnam, correct ? Eating dog meat is LEGAL in Vietnam, and working there or living there you have to accept that difference ! When you travel to Vietnam or other countries, you have to respect their culture. U don’t have to eat dog or do the same thing, but you have to accept this difference . It was my point.

    Anyway, don’t you rather see people eat rat/dog/or cat but don’t go bomb the two Towers like Bin Laden ? I”m sure Bin Laden does not eat pork, but killing and bombing is his fav. thing to do.

    Sorry I was not that one who criticized MPT on her teeth. I just said that pple should not have criticized her , that’s all.

    FYI, you may want to go to this website…I find it helpful because there are things that you don’t learn in college or at home, but you will learn it here..

  44. white-lily Said:

    I completely agree with Whatever.
    and @WhoCares:
    YOu said Whatever was the one who brought up the subject “crooked teeth” but that”s NOT true. Please, think before you accuse somebody.

    Please, look at the first posting by Kitty, you’ll see who brought up that teeth subject.

    —>” Her beauty would especially due to not perfect teeth is probably not to the level of Miss World judge’s standard “, written by your friend Kitty.

    Well, it’s really really nice her extended family has sponsored many Vietnamese students.

    amd now, @ HUYTHANH:

    Where did you get these photos?… Some of them don’t look like official photos. They look like private photos or such….

    ah, and a question to you guys: Please, can someone tell me WHERE I can VOTE for Mai Phuong Thuy? I just know her code number, but I don’t know HOW I can vote for her and where.

    I read the instructions or such for the voting at the Miss World website, but I still don’t know how to vote online… maybe it’s because I didn’t understand all. @_@ I’m not that good at English…

    Please heeellllpp meeee… explain it to me…


  45. Thu-HCMC Said:

    Is Mai Phuong Thuy untouchable?
    Hey, White-Lily I thought you said even your grand ma did not like MPT’s teeth
    You should always tell the truth nothing but the truth hihi

    Beside, Kitty wrote “not up to Miss Word’s standard” that difference from telling someone has crooked teeth.

    Why don’t you go into Miss World website and check all Miss World’s teeth
    The subject now change from dog meat to teeth…. hiiihii

  46. ichoose Said:

    MPT just plainly cute and pretty for sure!, anything about dog meat? ah, who cares, people eat anything just not human is OK! the rest of the animals are below the food chain…hungry eat anything to survive. hahahahhahah

  47. huythanh Said:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everybody, let’s vote for MPT HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2 know how to vote, click here :
    Tuoi Tre Online – Mai Phuong Thuy Online Vote

  48. Le Minh Said:

    Guys you see, the more you say the more childish you prove to be, look at MPT face and adore her smile, she is so innocent, and it seems that she never cares about your stuffs.

  49. white-lily Said:

    @ Thu HCMC

    Yah I said even my grandma didn’t like MPT’s teeth, but I didn’t brought up this subject( so I told the truth and nothing but the truth, didn’t I ??).
    Furthermore, I just mention that in order to say : in general, Vietnamese(even the old ones) don’t consider jaws like MPT’s as charming, okay?
    I may said her teeth aren’t nice but did I said I found MPT ugly and that because of her teeth, her beauty is not up to Miss Wolrd’s standard? No. In fact, her teeth don’t bother me that much and I like Miss Vietnam 2006.

    And, even if Kitty said “not up to Miss World’s standard”, she was the first one who mention the words ” crooked teeth”. I wrote that to defend Whatever, who was accused to have brought up that subject, although she hasn’t.
    So, please, read first, and then write.


    Thanks to huythanh, thanks for the Internet address.

  50. white-lily Said:

    ah, and @ Thu HCMC again: Why should I go to the Miss World’s website and check all Miss Worlds’ teeth? I can’t understand that stupid suggestion. It has no sense at all. -.-
    If you wanna, you can do it yourself. Just go and check their teeth yourself.
    I don’t care that much about others’ teeth.

  51. Joker Said:

    Holly cow! This is Miss Vietnam?
    Man, her teeth are nasty, looks like Dracula…No wonder she likes dog meat
    And the Vietnamese think she‘s pretty?
    What’s wrong with you people?

  52. khonganthitcay Said:

    Dude, leave the poor girl alone!

    You guys getting too personal…

    But remember this “NICE VIETNAMESES DON’T EAT DOGS!”

  53. nguoiniemnamvn Said:

    Congratulations Miss Mai Phuong Thuy! You’re indeed very beautiful.

    Your opinion is very high-regarded in my book!

    Keep up the good works!

  54. Dariwin Said:

    Hey Joker watch wat u sayin u lil punk !!! U dont deserve to talk to her like that allright so shut ur mouth !!!

  55. I think mai phuong thuy is beatyful and friendly and I hope thuy’ll become winner this year in missworld 2006
    good luck,thuy

  56. okinawa_nami Said:

    to all of you
    this is the last time ok. ” DON’T ARGUE WITH TASTE”
    And oh! SHE IS SOOOOO FINE!!!!
    I wouldn’t mind taken her out for some Puppy Meat. hahahahahahahah

  57. I think Mai Phuong Thuy will a miss on top 5 Miss worlds

  58. Le Minh Said:
    there is no news from her therefore vietnamnet post this article
    what the hell is this going on there in Polan? war of beauty?

  59. ma lan Said:

    hi! iam proud of u, u r young , tall, smart and beautiful. now u r the miss VietNam then will u be the person who link VN to oversea please that i hope from u!!!

  60. missworldwannabe Said:

    I think you guys have missed all the points. I think the main subject in this disccussion is whether MPT can live up for a challenge like miss World. In other words, can she win the competition?
    The subject is not eating dog meat. She is innocent and perhaps childhish, and she should say whatever she feels comfortable talking about. Nobody should make any judgement on her right of free speech, which in this case is eating dog meat, but I definitely did not expect any Miss World contestant to say such things in front of millions of people without thinking about the consequences. Miss World is the representative of the whole world, whom will give so many talks and interviews to a lot of audiences. Young girls will look up to her and see her as a model. In my opnion, MPT should have been sent to a ‘Miss Teen World’ instead, though I still have doubts what she would ever win.

  61. sula Said:

    To me, Mai Phuong Thuy/Miss Vietnam 2006 has a sublime beauty with an IT quality to hear. She seems to exude sweet, warm, earthy sensuality about her. She posesses a delicate, an exquisite beauty that has been blessed but not bougtht by cosmetic augmentation. She is a vision. She is pulchritudinous. Her beauty delights my senses, hopefully yours and particularly the judges… Let’s make Vietnam proud… vote for her, for all vietnamese near & far…

  62. The_King Said:

    Dear Friends,

    I happen to click onto this Website when searching Miss World and have read most of your posts. I am somewhat amused about the exchanges about dog meat and crooked teeth. However, I must admit that I am quite impressed with Kitty’s posts. I can’t help feeling that I must share my thoughts with you all.

    I am touched with the enthusiasm of all of you who wish MPT win Miss World contest. Sure, we Vietnamese would love to see a Vietnamese to be crowned Miss World. However, we should not let the enthusiasm for national pride to blind our intelligence. Many of us defend MPT on the basis of her age and innocence. However, is Miss World really a contest for teenagers? MPT is legally an adult. Most importantly, she represents the entire country. She, or her manager/handlers, should realize the significance of her role. Whatever she says or does will be perceived by the world as representative of Vietnam.

    Sure, cultural differences or diversity is important, but let’s face it, eating dog meat is not perceived by many people in the world as a nice thing to say, regardless how true it is. Don’t forget that this is a Miss World contest. What does “world” mean? Let’s take an example. How would you feel if Miss United States “innocently” said publicly that she lost her virginity at 15? Would you defend that she was just telling the truth about her sexual experience? Or should we just accept cultural differences and diversity and ignore that remark?

    No, don’t take me wrong. I am not attacking MPT. In fact, I don’t even know if she actually publicly said about eating dog meat. But if she indeed said that, then it’s sad.

    About the crooked teeth, this is really hilarious. But I must agree that MPT should have her teeth fixed. Again, it’s not about her. It’s about the country and the people she represents. If food is so important in her family and having braces is too expensive, then perhaps she should not have entered the contest. After all, this is mainly the contest about beauty. (I know, I know, it’s also about talents, maturity, etc, too, but the bottom line is still beauty. And don’t forget maturity.)

    I must admit that my comments may not be fair for MPT because I don’t know much about her. I am just writing in response to what I’ve read so far on this Website.

    I also feel sad about the heated exchanges about Kitty’s comments. When I read Kitty’s posts, I don’t see that she attacks MPT personally. In fact, I am impressed with her passion for taking the time to write and articulate her thoughts. Her criticisms, if any, are very constructive. Many of you feel offended. I am sorry if you do, but please give Kitty some credit. She does not win any prize for posting. In fact, I was wondering, “Why? Kitty? Why are you dong this?”

    Actually, I know why Kitty is doing this. She does it simply because she loves Vietnam too much. I can feel her passion, her enthusiasm, and her dedication through her words.

    Some of you may say that this forum is the wrong place to talk about dog meat and crooked teeth, but I don’t think so. We always learn by mistakes and failures. We learn even more by successes. If MPT wins, we should celebrate and be happy. But winning is not the end. We still have to try to win again. If MPT does not win, we should not be upset either. We should learn why and try again. There will always be the next time.

    Yes, i agree MPT looks cute. But I hesitate voting for her. I don’t know her well enough. I can’t just simply vote for her because she is Vietnamese, like me. What if MPT wins and while on tour around the world she makes some immature remarks that may embarrass all of us? I hope not.

    Let’s not forget that MPT is not the only cute and pretty and smart girl in VN. I am sure there are thousands of girls who are as cute or even more beautiful than her. But they may not be as lucky as MPT to be discovered. They may be very poor and do not have access to public information. They probably don’t even know anything about the Miss World contest.

    In the mean time, let’s unite and be courteous to each other, shall we?

  63. Koko Said:

    Mai Phuong Thuy is Miss Vietnam 2006 – she’s beautiful, intelligent and very friendly. Go to look at her:

  64. emma Said:

    To The_king:
    Liked your comment, very objective and constructive…Anyhow–as much as I like watching these beauty pagents myself, I don’t think it should be the “priority” for people to focus on in general…Instead, I think there are many other important factors out there that needed our attention, our concerns, such as poverties, diseases etc… Honestly, the Viet-press just blown this whole pagent thing out of proportion; raving so much about “beauty and intelligence”, exaggerating over Miss Vietnam such and such…Writing few articles about her is fine but on and on about this whole competition is completely overboard. They should shift their focus on writting something more meaningful; something that would make Vietnam a better place or how to help the orphanages rather than “Mai P Thuy is tall, beautiful, etc….”Ultimately, pagents are like part of the entertainment industry, we watch to entertain ourselves, but they don’t leave any lasting impressions on us. Sure Miss Vietname is cute and “duyen da’ng”, but will she able to make a difference to society, especially Vietnam? Only time will tell, but judging from previous winners, that rarely is the case…….And…that is all folks, my comment =)

  65. sula Said:

    the last 2 most recent post read factitiously… spending way too much time analying the nothingness… so typical americans… it’s a freaking beauty pageant… contestants are judged primarily on their measurements not on their intellect & civic engagements… It’s simply vacuous to expect Miss Vietnam or any beauty queen to “make a difference to society”… What do you remember about the current Miss World? if you can recall her from your short-term memory, it’s more likely her attributes…
    For those who enjoy watching beauty pageants for the sheer spectacle, vote for your favorite; vote for Miss Vietnam. Thanks 🙂

  66. Tho Xuan Quynh Said:

    @ Kitty: Mai Phuong Thuy talked about eating dog meat when she was participating in the Miss Vietnam 2006 competition. I believe this is normal and acceptable in the context of Vietnam.

  67. Nami Said:

    wondering there can be a litte too many comments arround this girl. I agree that noone and nothing is perfect but MPT is quite intelligent and innocent, I think. And a girl at age 18 shouldn’t be blamed that much for having said a wrong thing. Our vietnamese culture is not so nice..and eating dog-meat, which is one of those I hate much, is becoming a habit of vietnameses.
    Well, in a word I just want to say: guys, plz BE more easy-minded for things that have happened. =)
    a 18-year girl would learn much after it all. You can also write some comments to the staff in the site Maybe they will try to give Thuy some advices.
    For the last I’m only 19..not so much older than Thuy but I can already see that it was a little unsensible of her to say that quite openly T_T
    Bad impression to all friends in world.
    Some vietnameses I know her don’t like it too (I mean that hatefully bad habit)

  68. Nami Said:

    typed too quickly.. I’ve made so many grammatical mistakes
    well sorry T_T

  69. Nguyen Manh Cuong Said:

    Dear guys,
    It is so stupid to say that eating dog-meat is wrong or immoral. Eropean don’t wanna eat dog meat, Hidus are religiously forbidden from beef, Muslims are not allowed to eat pig. However have you, guys, heard about criticisation of Hindus, Muslims on the habit of the rest world of eating dog. Eropean guys are so selfish, and they wanna impose their own cultrur on unwilling people. All vietnamese guys who abandon Vietnam culture are so stupid and blamable. Our job is to explain stem of eating dog-meat to the rest of the World.
    Personally, dog-meat is not only a fare, but also a culinary art of Vietnam.

  70. However have you, guys, heard about criticisation of Hindus, Muslims on the habit of the rest world of eating pig and beef.

  71. vietnamese Said:

    i think when she said she didn’t mind this!so, don’t gossip about that any more! she is Miss vietnam2006, it’s true because of her beauty and her talent!

  72. MPT was crowned with the title Miss Vietnam by blind judges Said:

    We have wondered why Mai PT was crowned with the Miss Vietnam title.
    Personally, she was granted this title by blind judges. Their eyes were held up by Thuy’s boast about her Academic record.
    She is inky-black and her voice is so rustic.
    Actually ,until now ,her admission to RMIT with full Scholarship has been doubtful. I wrote a letter to Academic Team of RMIT Australia, but certification on her scholarship is not ratified.

  73. Stop bashing Said:

    You people need to stop trying to convince others to view the world in a certain way. Its called cultural differences so learn to deal with it.
    Stop trying to write a novel explaining and critiquing. Viet Nam today is fine, you have no power to change the culture because it will change over time.

  74. Congratulations Said:

    Mai Phuong Thuy is the top 17th most beautiful girl in the world !! Congratulations !!

  75. white-lily Said:

    @ MPT was crowned with the title Miss Vietnam 2006 by blind jugdes:

    Oh yes, Mai Phuong Thuy was crowned with the title Miss Vietnam 2006 by blind jugdes, so I guess all the Vietnamese and other people and the judges of Miss World 2006 who voted for her were blind, too.

    She was one of the 17 semi-finalists! and she had the most votes of Asia Pacific!!!(What a pity the judges didn’t crown her with the title Miss Asia Pacific). She’s in Top 3 of Asia Pacific!!!
    I’m so proud of her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    China, India, Japan… have a much higher population than Vietnam, but Miss Vietnam had the most votes of Asia Pacific!!!!!! I don’t think there were just Vietnamese people who voted for her!!!

  76. white-lily Said:

    @ MPT was crowned with the title Miss Vietnam 2006 by blind judges:

    Yes, she was crowned by blind judges, so I guess all the Vietnamese and other people and judges who voted for her were all blind, too?

    She is one of the 17 semi-finalists, has the most votes of Asia Pacific (!!!) ( oh man, what a pity the judges didn’t crown her with the title Miss Asia Pacific), is in Top 3 of Asia Pacific! I’m very proud of her!!!!!

    China, India, Japan… have a much higher population than Vietnam and Miss Vietnam has the most votes of Asia Pacific!!! I don’t think there were just Vietnamese people who voted for her.
    I’m so happy!

  77. Nami Said: of the last comments surely came from a little-brained person. I bet.
    How can you be so jealous when you knew we respect such good result Thuy got in her study?

    Since you don’t care much about that prize and education doesn’t seem to be much important to you.. I just personally consider that you might be the one who needs a little more learnings.

    I hate people that can’t be easy-mindes and just know how to blame others for the essensial point in their apperance.

    At last her voice comes from capital and I think it sounds quite fine and cute too. Maybe you are not able to find how to let words come out directly. An I right?

  78. Nami Said:

    I wonder if the person, who wrote: “MPT was crowned with the title Miss Vietnam by blind judges”, has inherit any knowledge from his/her parent.. or maybe he/she is born in foregin country ..or anything else.

    Such comment surely came from a little-brained person. I bet.
    How can you be so jealous when you knew we respect such good result Thuy got in her studying?

    Since you don’t care much about that prize and education doesn’t seem to be much important to you.. I just personally consider that you might be the one who needs a little more learnings.

    I hate people that can’t be easy-minded and just know how to blame others for the essensial point in their apperance.

    At last her voice comes from the capital and I think it sounds quite fine and cute too. I wish I could have that accent too. Maybe you are not able to find how to let words come out directly. An I right?
    You might come from South- and not from the middle class upon.. cause “normal people from South” don’t use to overreact like you.

  79. Nami Said:

    Excuse me but do your parents come from the underclass when they were in vietnam?

  80. The_King Said:


    Now that the results are out, Miss Czech is crowned Miss World. I guess we can close our discussions on this topic.

    However, somehow I still feel sad about all the exchanges going on this Website.

    HuyThanh, I just realized that this is your blog site. I am so sorry that your blog site is a forum of all these not-so-pleasant exchanges. I must first thank you for taking the time to post MPT’s pictures and to let us express our opinions.

    I applaud all of you who voice your comments. We speak differently, but we all share the same trait: passion. Please keep up your passion. Stand uo for whatever you believe. Surely we disagree on many things. But that’s how we progress.

    However, I think that we should respect each other’s opinions. Some of us may use strong language, but that’s ok, as long as we do not resort to profanity.

    This forum is not really about MPT, or about the whole Miss World contest. I can see that there are still division among us Vietnamese. It’s hard to have a constructive discussion when some of us take things personally.

    Nobody is trying to change anybody, let alone changing Vietnam. We are just expressing our opinions. Perhaps we have nothing to do and just write these posts to kill time. Why make a big deal about it?

    I don’t know about you guys, but it’s Saturday night. I am going to dance my night away….

    Again, HuyThanh, Thank you….

  81. Meats eater Said:

    Edited by huythanh : Please be polite, thanks you.

  82. Darrell Wiley Said:

    Hi, I saw Miss Vietnam, and collected all her pictures too. Why are all her fellow Vietnamese Men And Women Ridiculing Her? I am an american male single and I at least think that she had the courage to try to make something better of her life. I think that those vietnamese who hate her or want to ridicule and make fun of her should find something else to hate on instead of this poor young lady who only tried to make others see the beauty in the Vietnamese Woman, am I right? Though I am not vietnamese I would think that you should be happy for her and “Cheer her on” to victory in the Miss World Pageant. I have always found this to be a true expression in any culture, “Instead of Hate We Need To Create!” Open up your hearts and minds to the beauty in all people, no matter the culture or race!

    Of well, I am just an american (Foreigner) so what do I know, right?

    I wish Miss Mai Phuong Thuy success and I hope you get your dreams young lady:-) And I hope that I wish this also on behalf of the american people everywhere, “Miss Mai Phuong Thy, I Hope You Win!” Hip Hip Hooray!!!

  83. To Nami Said:

    Edited by huythanh : Please be polite, thanks you.

  84. mers Said:

    As a Vietnamese I voted for Thuy and am very happy that she was in the Top 17. (I did several times using different email addresses)

    Even though I am not a fan of Thuy, I think it is not nice to comment about her beauty. We have to admit that she has won a lot of Vietnamese’ hearts. No Miss Vietnam has ever received a great deal of support from Vietnamese people like Thuy. However, I do agree with kitty’s point about “eating dog meat”. Miss Czech was selected as Miss World 2006 partly due to her love to animals.

  85. Shame Said:

    Imagine if somebody else beside Vietnamese comes into this website and read, they are probably NOT surprised why we are still poor in Vietnam !

  86. Nguyen Manh Cuong Said:

    Dear Vietnamese guys,
    Please stop fussing about MPT. Pull your attention to Xangsane storm
    ( Storm 6).
    All victim of this storm urgently need your help.

  87. Miss3rdworld Said:

    After all those years, the mindsets of Vietnamese are still behind. Oh look, we got a storm?? So good, it is time to ask for donations again. YAY!

  88. Nguyen Manh Cuong Said:

    We didn’t got but suffered a storm. And it is really not good to experience this devastating storm.

  89. Nguyen Manh Cuong Said:

    We didn’t get but suffered a storm. And it is really not good to experience this devastating storm.

  90. The_King Said:


    Please remember that this is HuyThanh’ personal Web blog site..hehehe… Poor HuyThanh…He probably didn’t expect the flood of posts on his page.

    HuyThanh, if you don’t mind, can we continue to use your Web blog and change the MPT subject to Xangsane storm (or any other interesting topic)? Or should you create another blog entry for the storm victims?

    I heard that Xangsane has now been downgraded to a tropical storm. But I think it has caused much damage. So, how do we help? Is there a contact point (e.g., address, e-mail, telephone) so that we can send donation? Do they accept credit cards?

    Hey, I don’t care if any non-Vietnamese people visit this site and read all of the posts. ( I thought somebody said something about cultural differences. )

    But I don’t understand how a non-Vietnamese person reading these posts would not be surprised why we are still poor in Vietnam. The messages posted here are from the Vietnamese people, not the Vietnamese government. These Vietnamese people live all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of these Vietnamese people have enriched their adopted countries culturally, economically, intellectually,and socially. If these Vietnamese people can enrich their adopted countries, I am sure we all Vietnamese can enrich our own country too. Of course, we need to have: Passion. And don’t forget the power of Unite.

    So, if HuyThanh permits (hey, silence is acceptance…hehehe..), we will continue posting.

    So, where can we send donation?

    BTW, last night I danced almost all night from 10:00PM till 2:00AM. No, don’t take me wrong. I am not a night club brat. Just a way to express myself and to exercise too.

    OK, I have been way way unproductive. I have to get back to work and hope to earn some extra money to send back to my countrymen who are the storm victims.

  91. huythanh Said:

    Hey everybody, this is my personal blog but I’m very interested in your opinions. So keep going on, but please do NOT post bad words here.

    P/S : I had learned a lot of English from your posts ^.^

  92. The_King Said:

    Dear Huy Thanh,

    Thank you for speaking out. I thought you never check this page. I guess everybody has already left this page after the MPT debate. Maybe you should start a new and interesting topic so that people can begin posting.

    Well, the best way to learn English is to practice it. Practicing includes reading, speaking, and writing. What was the last book you read in English? I was just finsihing The Camel Club by David Baldacci. It was ok, not that great. I am a little wary of all of those political conspiracy theories.

    Hey, there is one good topic I think you may want to start. It’s dancing. You can post pictures of people dancing Salsa, Hip-Hop, break dance, ballroom, etc.

  93. ronald Said:

    i think not the physical aspect is the basis of all judgement.. she is beautiful but i think her heart is big. remember the saying “dont judge the book by its cover” evry one of us have a baeuty that can nver see but it feel flowing in ur heart… go go even though i dont know u .. ur the best 🙂

  94. Koko Said:

  95. quoc vinh Said:

    Em de.p lammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    anh muon lam ban voi em!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Gogogo Said:

    Quote Kitty: “What’s the moral in this motto? Smooth sailing through life and gets away with looks and smiling, is life that easy?”

    IMO you’re kinda bitter.
    Life isn’t easy, but do you beat yourself up about it and wear a frown 24/7? To me a smile creates comfort, an expression of beauty, a form of bonding if you like. A smile can be an ice breaker, eases tension,can give you confidence or touch the people around you. Her motto eludes that no matter what problems you may face in life you should address them with grace, dignity and a smile doesn’t hurt. =) =) =)
    I don’t know about you, but if everyone ever lost their sense of humour and their ability to smile – THAT would the BIGGEST problem in life.

  97. THE MANH PHAM Said:

    nang qua dep,THUY a,gia nhu ta duoc gap nang 1 lan

  98. huy Said:

    uoc ji bie Yahoo nhi

  99. kohung Said:

    Why can’t we let people be and let them do their own things. MPT is a very beautiful lady but she’s still not fully mature (mentally). I’m sorry she didn’t make the big one. Good luck to her. And thank you all (especially Kitty) for a very interesting discussion.

  100. han hanh duoc lam quen voi ban

  101. James Le Said:

    that dang hanh dien ve sac dep cua nguoi Phu Nu Viet Nam. Mai Phuong Thuy ban. dep tuyet voi.

  102. yin Said:

    I don’t understand why people criticize her about eating dogs. That is part of the Vietnamese culture. I personally love dogs but I won’t criticize anyone for eating dogs if they come from a background like Vietnam or China. To Kitty: i can tell you are a very passionate woman and proud of being Vietnamese. but your point about Vietnamese culture to fit in with the rest of the world is ridiculous. So what if we are less than 10% of the world? We have to change our eating habit just to get fit in? In my international management class, we freely discussed about eating dog and cat habit in Asian Culture, namely China and Korea. White ppl don’t look down on us, they don’t care. Well for a minute, it may come across their mind that we are barbarian ppl, but do they avoid us? Do they look down on our culture? NO! You are just plain insecure. You carry too much proud and are afraid of ppl judging yourself being in such culture. And why you jump from eating dogs subject to beating dogs? Because you find out that there is nothing to back you up so you have to bring up the whole killing scenario thing? It makes no sense to me. If you really see how cow or pig or even chicken got slaughtered, it’s not much less cruel than killing a dog or a cat. what do you say about American people in the past raised cow and pig on their farm and treat them as pets but kill them for meals.

    MPT before going to the Miss World in Warsong, she had never exposed to another culture before. I bet she didn’t even know eating dog is a taboo in most Western countries. How many ppl think other girls from other parts of the world represent their cultures with grace, intelligent, and mentally maturity? PLease give me a break. Don’t put too much pressure on a 17 year old girl. The whole purpose of the competition is get to know more friends and learn new things, not about who represent their culture better. Plus, like someone said, she talked about dog meat to a VIETNAMESE PRESS FOR GOD SAKE, it does not sabotage Vietnames culture.
    People really have much time on their hands to investigate about MPT’s scholarship. lol

  103. LuanNguyen Said:

    I am not in a habit of writing to this kind of debate but I am compelled to respond after reading someone trashing a dear friend and colleague. We both have some common ground as being born and raised in the South of Vietnam, and working for an International Company in Ho Chi Minh City.

    For all of us who know Kitty, insecure is not her character; she is very direct (her friends jokingly call her “straight shooter”). And she can hit her targets, which she obviously has on this issue. Nevertheless, the recent Typhoon # 6 or Xangsane that swept though Central Vietnam left many people homeless.

    I am aware Kitty is very busy working with her friends around the world to bring aid to victims of typhoon. I don’t think Kitty has time to pay attention to this kind of getting no-where chat anymore. I am only writing since I want to emphasize that many advocates of dog eating fail to show any empathy to what Kitty as an observer is pointing out. I believe throughout the thread on this issue Kitty has not passed judgment on the cultural implications just how it is ‘defended’ and how this cultural ritual as one may put is perceived.

    Yin, you cannot jump to conclusion without knowing all the facts. The difference about killing dogs and other farm animals are the method of killing them. Let me put in perspective to you. Not long ago a group of us visited Hanoi; we all fell in love with this beautiful city. Our first day at the hotel, the sounds of dogs howling in the neighborhood kept us awake all night. For me it was a scene of one of those horror movies.

    The next morning at breakfast our traveling group all shared the same concern and we wondering what was going on. A major full moon!!? The hotel staff casually explained to us: killing the dogs slowly by beating until sweating would eliminate the odor in dog meat. We all felt very sick, somewhat disgusted and made the group speechless.

    This void is what compelled me to provide a different testimony. Vietnamese who live in Central do not eat dogs; even though arguably Central Vietnam is our poorest region. I know the next statement will add fuel to the fire but it must be said. Only some SMALL areas of Southern Vietnam eat dog and are primarily comprised of folks with roots to the North and immigrated to the South (in 1954). Thus, to majority of us Vietnamese, it is completely incorrect to say that eating dog is deeply rooted in Vietnamese culture.


    To those of you still taking International Management class, I LOVE the phrase “White ppl don’t look down on us, they don’t care.” Boy are you blind and unaware!! These “White ppl” are being polite and you probably are clueless what they maybe saying ‘behind’ your back. Since you used the term ‘White ppl” I have to assume this class is not in Vietnam. Normal western higher education should be promoting tolerance. But that those not mean silently they are passing judgments. For one that is human nature.

    Unfortunately Business Classes are not where Career Diplomats are typically made. The bottom line business is about making profit. How you get to that profit is one of those endless questions. Being sensitive to other cultures is generally considered one step in the right direction. This translate into “it does not make sense to discuss in public whatever is not politically correct regardless of personal convictions”. In business if one does not take this attitude, one will not get the sale, job, etc. or more important the location investment into a community. Fundamental basic management theory is to choose a community or environment that enriches employees & their families and elevates human spirits. After all, they are in the same boat driving for success of the company. This is one of Kitty’s points regarding what dog eating effect may have on a community.

    Thus, the myopic attitude of letting the ‘historic’ dogma restrict changes in what are the current mores or: THE NON-WILLINGNESS TO UNDERSTAND A CONTRARY OPINION, CAN HINDER GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF A REGION OR COUNTRY. All we have to look at China to see what a little shift can mean. China has made many concessions over the course of deciding to work with the global community and there has been a significant change in its urban environment and its people.

    Lastly, Miss Vietnam represents our country to the world. If one has to use excuses for being young or mentally not mature to deal with the press then I argue stay at home do not bother to compete at the International Level. Yin wrote about Miss World pageant ” The whole purpose of the competition is get to know more friends and learn new things, not about whom represent their culture better.” How shortsighted can one be! Miss World is not about going to a summer camp during school vacation.

    Some one already gave the definition of Miss World in this Forum: “Miss World will be the role model for young girls around the globe, also has to give a lot of interviews to international press”. Imagine if MPT won the title Miss World, we might be in for more embarrassments, but obviously the judges know better. This statement is not a berate to MPT, I am sure she is a wonderful person, but one Kitty’s question she simply is not ‘equipped’ yet to compete at this level. Also for those who seem to believe the rest of world could not have a candidate that is more worthy of the title than MPT are blind.

    I do hope MPT will take her overseas trip as experience in stride. Wishing her the best of luck in her future. One should always learn from our mistakes that are part of growing up. Being defensive and trash people with good intention will not get us into the global arena. That is a very un-cool attitude and we will get nowhere.

    Let me conclude by saying what you all are missing, Kitty’s passion for Vietnam runs deep and she has been fortunate to being able to see beyond our shores;. Her dream is always one of unity, but with civility and compassion as its centerpiece… not myopic banter presented with any introspection.

  104. June Said:

    Great! so impresion. Each one has her/his own view. Anyway, acknoledgement or just keeping the conservative ideas. Following the different and same ideas, it’s no doubt to say so really cool.

    Nice Time 2 All

  105. nguoiniemnamvn Said:

    Luan Nguyen’s valuable opinion is well presented indeed!
    You’re most welcome!

    Thank-you for your time and your much interest in the subject.

    I believe Miss Kitty’s enthusiasm and passion for Viet Nam is unfairly misunderstood by some con tributors.

    She was very brave to voice her belief and stands firm by it. Be more humane to animals!. Be more civilized!

    Well done Miss Kitty!

    I also congratulate everyone who participates in this friendly and open forum. It clearly shows that we can discuss big and small subjects freely and maturely.

    As myself I’m a Vietnamese who is traveling overseas several times a year. Visiting many beautiful places on earth…Yet always regard VietNam is the best place in the world!

    I’m proud to a Vietnamese and being prepared to take any criticism. We never stop learning…

    Nguoi VN aka En

  106. nguoiniemnamvn Said:

    Correct: I’m proud to be a Vietnamese…

  107. Tobiasguild Said:

    She is so cute !!
    i felt like my heart trembling when i first saw her online.
    i come from Thailand, Would you like to travel my home ?
    well then, if you come to Thailand , i won’t let you go to Vietnam
    Ha Ha Ha. Just Kidding !!
    But i wish to see you in Thailand anyway.

    chat with me on MSN !!!
    I’m glad to have a Vietnamese friend. Thank you !!!

    I love MISS VIETNAM Mai – Chan

  108. John Said:

    First of all I like to say that I dont know much about Mai Phuong Thuy.
    I saw some of her other pics and she looks so grown up. But in here, she seems to be very cute and young. As for her teeth, that’s what Viet call “rang khen” a lot of Viet have that and it’s cute for some people. I don’t think any Miss Universe ever has onen of those, and wont be for a very long time. I think she is ridiculously tall for a Viet girl, and to be that tall and good looking is rare. I didn’t know much about her and how she was at the pageant but I hope that she represent the Viet Namese proudly from all over the world. As for dog meat, I never ate it, I heard if it’s not well prepared it smell unpleasantly. For her to say that she likes or enjoy or had tasted or whatever else she might have said it okay because that’s what some people eat or enjoy eating over there. Some Chinese like eating rats from the rice patties (and I have heard (Chuot Dong) is very good. American eat cows like crazy. But cow is considered to be sacred in India. So do they look at us as horrible people for that? I don’t believe so. PETA would understand different cultures do different things. But then PETA is ultra crazy over any meat related stuffs. Anyway, Mai Phuong Thuy looks nice. She’s very young and hope she will reperesent the Viets proudly.

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  110. hello Said:

    my friends calld phuong…. you stole her name! EVIL PERSON! go get your own! you are talller than her though but it doesnt take much! your both pretty so brrrb! you have shorter competition my friend!

  111. Jaidon Said:

    Excellent site – do keep up the good work.

  112. Thac Minh Tran Said:

    Chao, em Mai Phuong Thuy.
    I am from San Diego, California, USA. Thich vuy gap em. Congratulation on Miss Vietnam. Many women consider me very handsome and perhaps Mr. Saigon. Well, it is not nice when people say about your teeth. I am hard of hearing and use sign language. You and I are in the same boat – mutually understand that we are sometimes critized. But that does not bother me. More important is who you really are and what you are on the inside, not just physical beatiful. I would like to meet you when I will visit Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh this November 2007. Can we meet and talk about how to improve to better life? Anh Thac.

  113. Thac Minh Tran Said:

    Keep up the good work of helping your family.

  114. hugo Said:

    she is great

  115. nguyen thanh huy Said:

    Hi everyone
    My nameer side is Huy. I am studying in Singapore now. I am a crazy fan of miss Vietnam Mai Phuong Thuy. I know her from Miss vietnam 2006. Actually, She very good at studying. Thus, She is my good example to try to studying in Singapore. I know, She has met many trouble in her live since her father went away. I also know that, for a girl, this problem is getting much more than the others. I always by her sides in order to see everything what her does. Hopefully, she is getting her dream, getting her scholarship to study in Australia. Go! everything is getting well to her

  116. nguyen thanh huy Said:

    Hi everyone
    My name is Huy. I am studying in Singapore now. I am a crazy fan of miss Vietnam Mai Phuong Thuy. I know her from Miss vietnam 2006. Actually, She is very good at studying. Thus, She is my good example to try to studying in Singapore. I know, She has met many trouble in her live since her father went away. I also know that, for a girl, this problem is getting much more than the others. I always by her sides in order to see everything what her does. Hopefully, she is getting her dream, getting her scholarship to study in Australia. Go! everything is getting well to her

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  120. hoang hiep Said:

    Nice to meet u. I’d like to make friends with u. Ok? if u do not disagreee. please reply to me. Thanks a million

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  124. goodbyemylover Said:

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  125. B.S people Said:

    M P T, you are so cute. Email me I will teach you English

    I saw the article on Vnexpress.

  126. Alan Nguyen Said:

    That rat la xung dang voi hai chu ma Thuy da nhan. Rat hanh dien va kieu ngao ve tai sac cua nguoi con gai Viet Nam. Co the noi (hoi khiem ton) Hau nhu la con gai Viet Nam dep nhat toan cau.

  127. dragon's blood Said:

    hey everybody

    i was surfing and get in this blog, i was amaze of the dog meat subject, and its was consider a problem for the down fall of VIetnam’s ecconomic, which is not, but letting other country ideal of eatting effect our way of eatting is a sign of weaklink, and who wanna do business with a weaklink person? acctually i all want to because they want to take adventage of you. what so said is that you guys have time to talk about dog meat which is just as bad as eating pork or beef in other culture, and any kind of meat to vegitarian peoples, if you say you shouldnt eat dog because they smart and close to human, then u shouldnt eat meat at all beacause there’s alot of animals are as smart if it have training, and bog as smart as they are now is because they been live with human for thousans of years, some pigs are smart too and there’s peoples that make them their pet or to muslam they are a spiritual animal but we eat them anyway,so are whales. ect…, but we are top pf the food chain, we eat whatever we need to survive at first but now we eat whatever we think tastes good, so dont go around a saying eating dog is bad because eating other meat are just as bad (if u think eat dog meat is bad), for me i eat all meat, i didnt go up to the top pf food chain to be a vegitarien lol,2 last things i want to say, in the eyes of vegitarien ppls, all the meat eater are just as bad as dog eater and dog eating is not the reason Vietnam is poor, Vietnam ecconomic still poor because of all the corruption in justice systems and in bussiness world. I’m glad that Vietnam start doing something about the corruption and i hope Vietnamese will be one of the top leading ecconomy in the world soon

  128. I know the truth. There are 12 nations with evil alien technology, this keeps an angel spirit in a magnetic prison for years. They chase them with shadow government hellocopters. Basically they are at war with heaven. Yet they call angels out there demon spirits. Make it Law that they can have only 2 ‘demon’ traps in each nation. And they should know there are people who care if they try to do harm to the prisoners at the underground Air Force bases. Make it a Law that they cant chase angels in outer space with damned starfighters.

  129. Van Le Said:

    Today, I happen to read a newspaper from “Thoi Bao” and I read an entire section on Mai Phuong Thuy. I admire her for her beauty and what captures my interest and which provides me a motivation to write this comment is her volunteer public work for the poor in many areas of the countries where natural diasters exist. Her work makes her becomes more special than any other models that I read about. Mai Phuong Thuy should be modeled for her beauty as well as her character.

    Hom nay tinh co minh doc mot to bao tu “Thoi Bao” va minh da doc ve phan “Cuoc Song Hau Hoa Hau”, nhung Mai Phuong Thuy la nguoi mau khien cho minh nguong mo nhat qua viec lam tu thien cua co cho dan ngheo trong nuoc. Do la muc dinh chinh va la dong co de cho minh bo thoi gian viet message nay. Do dong thoi cung la dieu ma khien Mai Phuong Thuy noi bac hon nhung hoa hau khac. Neu co dip minh cung rat mong co the gap mat Mai Phuong Thuy mot lan.

    Than chao,


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  131. bla bla Said:

    oh come on give her a break, she’s only 19!!

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  134. ngoc anh Said:

    chao em chi thich nhat em chup hinh ao tam do nha
    nhin em that dep va hap dan

  135. mike Said:


    Your picture hangs on a wall calender at work.
    So I had to google you.
    Congradulations, Miss Vietnam 2006!
    Married yet?
    If not, then my next question is would you like to travel to the USA?
    Let me know.


  136. ngoc Said:

    em thich chi lam chi ah.em tung thi hoa hau nhung em thap qua chi ah.chuc chi nhieu may man nhe

  137. Nhung Nguyen Said:

    Wow, Thuy is so cute.
    That la hanh dien khi biet Thuy se dong phim holywood. Toi tin tuong kha nang va su thong minh cua Thuy. Toi trong doi de xem bo phim hap dan nay, va muon de biet co gai Vietnam, va hanh dien ve su duyen dang, xinh xan, va dang yeu cua Thuy trong mat cua ban be quoc te.

  138. Claudio Carapia Said:

    Dear May Phong! You are a dream! See you Claudio from Italy

  139. hoa Said:

    yeu anh ko ?

  140. osman Said:

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  142. Dog Said:

    Who cares what the world think…………Vietnamese or any race should be proud of their culture and traditions.

    Eat it if tastes good…….. win the competition if you look good…..and who cares if her teeth is not perfect from the “Gringos” view point.

    Mai Phuong Thuy is beautiful no matter how you twist it



  144. Link Said:

    I only read one or two of the post up top but
    What’s wrong with eating dog meats? just because americans values dog more than people doesn’t mean that every country in the world should follow behind. Dogs are just animals like any other, they’re just smaller and compact easy to take care of that’s why Americans value them, Why are vietnamese such (pussy)s. You guys gotta stand firm for what you think is right. Don’t be a follower but be a leader. Stop getting push around by the big dawgs.

  145. Link Said:

    oh and about the teeth
    To my taste I think it’s pretty. It make her unique and have her own character. It’s shows her self confident that she doesn’t have to follow any big dawg around and wage her tail like everybody else 😛 peace out cuz

    I thought this was a Vietnamese site (sao nói tiếng anh khong vậy? bộ khong biết viết tiếng việt à)

  146. rusty tran Said:

    beautiful, innocent face but can she made good love

  147. tuan Said:

    Anh muon bu lon em lam
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