Tinh Khuc Vang – Guitar o.O

Listen & comment 😀 . Maybe it is not good as I hope :). My fingers is really hurt because of it @_@. Bullsh!t, this service does not allow me 2 post online player @_@. This is the direct link 😦 http://diendanlhp.com/data/Guitar/tinhkhucvang.wma




  1. anh Khoa Said:

    Hát khá, đàn có tiến bộ, nhưng chất lượng thâu ko tốt nên bài nhạc nghe ko được hay cho lắm 🙂
    Cố lên 🙂

  2. ..::Milkie::.. Said:

    hehe 1st, about ur song, nice singing… i prefer ur singing this time… about the guitar, as i have said, it’s better than the last time but it’s like… having no emotion at all… hm maybe it’s because of the reason you have told me… =).. i’d like to hear your next singing clip XD… so excited about it 😀
    2nd, about ur English, u want me to correct it right? okie, so i’ll do it… i have found 2 mistakes in this entry so far…. i hope there’s no more ^^
    the 1st mistake… you should have said “It is not good as I have hoped”
    the 2nd mistake… “my fingers are really hurt” ^^
    i didn’t mean to do this but you do tell everyone who comes into ur blog to do that so i think why i shouldnt correct mistakes if i find any ^^… lol actually never mind about this… it’s just… im having nothing to do =)
    *huggies* have a nice day

  3. huythanh Said:

    OMG >.:D

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