Tinh Khuc Vang – Guitar o.O

Listen & comment 😀 . Maybe it is not good as I hope :). My fingers is really hurt because of it @_@. Bullsh!t, this service does not allow me 2 post online player @_@. This is the direct link 😦 http://diendanlhp.com/data/Guitar/tinhkhucvang.wma



Mai Phuong Thuy Model

She’s so cute & sexy :D, isn’t she ?








































Independent Day @.@

Now the time is 0020 😦 I hope that I can finish all the chemistry exercises tonight ( tomorning ??? ). That’s great 2 see my forum ( diendanlhp.com ) growing fast like this although I did not take care of it for such a long time LOL. However, what makes me really worry is the security :-S, now I am not enthusiatic to upgrade it. Therefore I just back up SQL database now :D. Oh man, back 2 exercise @_@.

18++ plz >.

Đứa em hỏi chị :

+ Tại sao mọi người thích làm “chuyện ấy” thế ?

– Thì cũng giống như mày thích ngoáy mũi mà

+ Thế con trai sướng hơn, hay con gái sướng hơn?

– Thế mày ngoáy mũi thì mũi sướng hay ngón tay mày sướng ?

+ Thế tại sao khi con gái bị cưỡng…..thì sao lại không sướng ?

– Thế có kẻ chọc tay vào mũi mày thì mày có sướng nổi không ?

+ Thế tại sao con gái đến tháng thì không làm chuyện đấy ?

– Mày chảy máu cam thì có muốn ngoáy mũi nữa không ?

+ Tại sao con trai không thích đeo BCS khi làm chuyện đấy ?

– Thế mày ngoáy mũi thì có thích đeo găng ko?


Changes …

Today, I decide to change language using in my blog to English although it is not my mother tongue except in relax section 😀 because I really do not have enough time to translate all of them into English :)). However, I think it will help me improve my writing ( hope so 🙂 ).
I had just gone in my school 30′ ago in order to ask the principle to permit to change our schedule. I saw he really got angry as he thought I was joking about the time table. I have to wait again 😦 for the final decision.
Anyway, I have some free time now and I will try my best to do some IELTS practice tests, what is very important for me now :D.
I had just hidden some posts which contain my personal expressions :P.